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    In your business, it is very difficult to write down the sales, inventory, purchases and expense every day. And you can’t find out your stocks at any time. It’s a big time consuming issue to know your stocks.

    ABPOS are come to relief you from this critical corn job. Using ABPOS, all kind of transections you can preserve in digital way. You can know your daily sales within a second. Your stocks are always up to date. In case of emergency you can run your business remotely. Turn your business into a customer focused, profit making machine.

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    Username: pos
    Password: ab123456

    Benefits of using ABPOS.

    Save Time

    Save 2-3 hours of manual work a week that our system automates

    Increase Sales

    Our user friendly system speeds up counter and increase sales for your business.

    Make Informed Decisions

    Our reporting system helps you to get the decision in right time in right place.

    Inventory Management

    Manage your product properly and reorder easily.